Technology to Keep Residents Connected, Engaged and Secure

The Lodge at Greeley is equipped with innovative technologies to keep residents connected, engaged and secure in their new home. These technologies allow staff to support resident safety while providing attentive, professional services and health care.

Technology to Keep Residents Connected, Engaged and Secure

Innovative App

We are one of the first in Colorado to use an innovative app that allows family members to communicate directly and immediately with caregivers and staff throughout the day. Called Serenity App, it offers instantaneous back-and-forth messaging in real time.

The app is a quick way to send information back and forth when it may not be conducive to make a call or come visit. We love that we don't have to scan through our emails, wait for snail mail, or wait for the opportunity to place a call to communicate.” - Julie, Jane and Jill, family members

Community Engagement​ & Resident Safety

Community Engagement

The Lodge at Grand Junction offers so many ways to make it easy for residents to stay connected and engaged.

  • Wi-Fi and phone capabilities
  • Individually controlled heating and cooling systems
  • Basic cable connections with access to 140 different channels

Resident Safety

The Lodge at Grand Junction’s resident safety features create the ideal balance between freedom and security.

  • Access-controlled, video-monitored community entry
  • Security cameras at all entry and exit points
  • Industry-leading wireless locators and emergency call systems throughout the campus
  • Emergency alert devices in all resident rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms (A voice-activated option is also available)
  • Residents in the secure Memory Care Neighborhood are provided with a discrete wander-prevention wristband system that maintains dignity while preventing wandering.


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